Choose Your SL Adventure – Strawberryland by Cica Ghost

Strawberryland by Cica Ghost 2_2000

Q: Why were the little strawberries upset? A: Because their parents were in a jam!

Strawberryland is a compelling, visual feast. As I made my way through dozens of teeming and sometimes toppling strawberry plants, I almost felt a sense of joyous expectancy.

The fresh red colouring amidst green leaves that seemingly wrapped each berry in a protective cocoon, and the sporadic signs of new plant growth, whimsy scenery, added to that feeling.

Strawberryland by Cica Ghost 1_2000

Dare I say it is almost like a nostalgic walk through my grandmother’s kitchen and garden. Here’s a short clip I created for this joyous occasion 😉


TP to Lost Isles


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